SkyWell vs. Generic Content Management

We recently won the business of a large, publicly traded oil & gas producer after an extensive head-to-head

We recently won the business of a large, publicly traded oil & gas producer after an extensive head-to-head trial with another solution provider. If this had been a boxing match, an announcer would have started by introducing the contender as a heavyweight content management platform (perhaps a little over weight). But to even get in the ring with us, they also had to invite a few other contenders to box, including a welterweight third party search tool and featherweight workflow engine. And in the other corner we have SkyWell, weighing in with an impressive all-in-one, purpose-built, cloud-based, oil & gas industry-specific content management powerhouse.

To continue the analogy a bit further, it really wasn’t much of a boxing match, more like one of those exposition fights where you know the boxers are just stringing things out. But from the first bell, SkyWell outperformed the competition on every level. The content management technologies we faced weren’t individually all that bad, in fact overkill in some cases. It’s how the boxers worked together in the ring, tripping over each other, getting in the way – i.e., just not working well together. That’s how a generic, bundled solution behaves (“let’s get ready to fumble!”).

Fighting the Good Fight

We often have to battle it out with competing content management solutions and in a lot of situations it’s more like David and Goliath. SkyWell is the oil & gas industry’s only purpose-built well and land file management system, but we constantly have to prove our case with operators. All too often, there’s an incumbent solution in place, which may have been bought or licensed as part of a larger software deal (yes, SharePoint we’re talking about you).

While such solutions prove valuable when deployed for the right use cases, the one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter, Swiss Army Knife approach fails when it comes to managing and searching for vital oil & gas records. Just the thought of storing division orders, leases, and well logs in an intranet “document library,” makes us queasy.

So why is SkyWell consistently winning in head-to-head evaluations with other content management solution providers? Our customers tell us it’s because we offer the right set of features in one solution. Other solutions require bolting different technologies together to deliver the full spectrum of functionality that is required to manage well and land files, including storage, search, workflow, mapping, and more. Such solutions lose out because they are ultimately more expensive and underperform compared to SkyWell. But there are some other really important differentiators, including SkyWell’s capabilities to rapidly classify and label each document type. And importantly, SkyWell is backed by full service content management pros, ensuring that a client’s backlog of documents is loaded and that new content is added and quality controlled on an ongoing basis.

More than Just the Right Tool

SkyWell is hands down the right tool for managing every piece of an operators unstructured data and documents. It was designed from day 1 to solve our industry’s unique content management challenges with engineering, geoscience, land, and compliance workflows always top of mind.

Operators struggle every day with a big unstructured data problem characterized by the “3 V’s” of big data: increasing variety (all those data types specific to oil & gas departments), high velocity (documents continuously being generated across the well life cycle), and exceedingly large volumes of data (crammed in desk drawers, filing rooms, and network drives). It’s a large, complex problem to solve, however, most operators have the same basic checklist of requirements. But generic content management software and home grown systems will always be a partial and more expensive solution. SkyWell checks all the boxes.

SkyWell provides a simple and straight forward way to quickly find oil & gas data, all while seamlessly handling the big data dilemma. Our smart search technology is tailored to fit the way energy professionals work, enabling users to perform keyword and full text search on document contents. Plus, all those extra features our industry relies on heavily, including workflow for routing AFE’s and electronically signing documents, industry specific taxonomy, and GIS.

But it takes more than the right technology to succeed at oil & gas content management. The reason SkyWell is winning every head-to-head fight and seeing such tremendous uptake with operators is the classic 1-2-3 combo punch of people, process, and technology. SkyWell was designed and is continuously refined by oil & gas subject matter experts. Our process in implementing every SkyWell solution expertly navigates the unique oil & gas information landscape and way of doing business. Everything dovetails together to give oil & gas producers an affordable, out-of-the-box content management solution that also provides flexibility to adjust to an operator’s unique business needs. The success of SkyWell is more than just technology, it’s a synergy of people and processes, all rooted in deep oil & gas experience.

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