Delivered through a multi-tenant, secure architecture, Archeio Technologies cloud version is the most popular method of deployment as it affords the fastest time to deployment without IT resources required. Clients can securely and automatically connect to Archeio Technologies cloud servers and easily scale your organization’s data and usage requirements to support multiple projects at anytime. Upgrades get pushed automatically and service is available at all times.



Archeio Technologies supports on-premise installations for customers whose data needs to remain inside their existing information architecture. Built with the same features as the Archeio Technologies cloud-version, the On-Premise deployment comes with pre-defined software and hardware requirements based on the number of users, wells and anticipated data volume. To ensure version compliance with the latest features, product upgrades are planned and deployed at specified intervals, although data lives securely in your proprietary store.


Professional Services

Our data engineers and professional services team works with your organization subject matter experts, business analysts and executives to ensure long-term success with the Archeio application suite. This includes end-user training, customer success and adoption, data preparation and migrations, technical integration and data analysis services to assist your organization to tackle specific configurations.


Customer Support

Archeio Technologies provides customers with support agreements and access to customer support agents as well as a knowledge base with tips, best practices and a central place to search for product documentation.

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